A few words on Japanese Personal Pronouns

The personal pronouns in Japanese are the following:

  • I - 私・僕・俺 / わたし・ぼく・おれ
  • you - あなた
  • he・she - 彼・彼女 / かれ・かのじょ
  • we - 私たち / わたしたち
  • you - あなたたち 
  • they - 彼達・彼女たち / かれたち・かのじょたち

However I would emphasize here that the most polite way ( and perhaps the appropriate ) to address somebody is using his / her name and add さん. Otherwise it implies that we do not know his / her name, which is rude. That is why it is really important that we pay attention when our partner introduces him / herself.

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