Learning methodology and how to speak 5 languages [video]

Incredible! This guy speaks 5 languages and doesn't want to stop! See and listen to his learning methodology in the following video. According to the Wikipedia: "Polyglotism or polyglottism is the ability to master, or the state of having mastered, multiple languages.". This is the definition we are looking for!


When I was a kind, my father told me: Learn as much languages as you can and talk to the people on their mother tongue, because they will love it. And I think his was not mistaken when he said this.

So my story started with English. In Hungary taking English class is compulsory for everybody. As such all the students can speak some when they graduate from high school. In the same time you need to choose a second language when you are at high school and I chose Russian. Later on I decided to learn Japanese and applied for a scholarship in Japan and I am still here, polishing my Japanese.

When I entered Kobe University, I realized that most of the exchange students are Chinese and I recalled what my father said and I didn't really have a choice. You can guess. Yes I started to learn Chinese. You can see the result in the video and please let me know you feedback or feel free to ask me if you want to learn any of these languages!

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