A great way to study a foreign language

I would like to introduce you a new method to learn a language in the following article. When you are in a foreign country, it is natural that you would like to understand the signs on the streets. In addition you might want to read the advertisements and the menu in a restaurant. I suppose these words will be the most important for in you, since you will see them everyday, plus your partner will use these words frequently, because he or she sees these as well.

I would say that if you can read the signs on the street, and you can get from A to B without any help then you know the language quite well. When I travelled to Japan in 2015 and started to take photos of the signs on the streets, I realized that after a while I was shooting the exact same signs. I have organized the words on my computer and came to a conclusion, that the number of signs we use on the streets is limited and can be mastered very quickly regardless of the country we are in.

Effective language learning methods

I have tried to memorize the words by myself and it turned to be really effective, which is because of the following reason. When a sign appears, it has a specific environment, say it is in the subway or on your favorite brand’s advertisement. When you try to learn this new word, you naturally make a connection in your mind between the sign and the environment it is in. Later on, when you try to recall the word, you first recall the corresponding situation you have read it in, and then recall the word. As such it is easier to remember these words, than a regular dictionary-learning-method. I suppose it is also much more fun to learn colorful signs than just pure boring handwritten or printed out texts.

Naturally, since I have been collecting these images for quite a long time, I am unable to sort them just by hand, and I realized that I will need to make a website. As such I am able to provide these images for other students and I also use it for my personal purposes. You can check out the cards menu on my site on the left side and start learning English, Japanese, Chinese or Hungarian. If you are done with a specific set, you can come back anytime and review your knowledge. Currently I have a couple of hundreds for each languages but I am planning to add more.

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