About me - introduction

I was 25 years old when I started to develop my language learning website. It was in 2015 November when I typed the first lines of code. Originally it started from a quiet selfish idea, that I did not want to lose and forget the things I have learnt before. That time I could already speak three or four languages and obviously my mother tongue. I tend to be told by people that I am a natural talent, but I think I am far from that. First I feel that I have not acquired either of the languages perfectly and never will. Secondly the simple fact that helped me to learn these languages is the following. My language learning skills have advanced a lot when I learnt how to program. Learning programming was also not to easy, but as soon as I found the logic in it, my progress was surprisingly fast. In the same time I have learnt formal languages at university and it made me accept that there must be some kind of general concept behind all the languages.

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My university years - the beginning

I have written many low level programs in C and Fortran during university years that solved mainly quantum chemical problems. Later on I have worked on something that is called "the future Internet". I feel like they all provide very interesting results that can be relevant for the scientific societies, but I wanted to do that can become useful for a wider audience. That is basically how I ended up at the idea of iMulat.

My representative works - languages

I always wanted to be able to design pretty websites. I have obviously started in pure HTML then I have moved to PHP and MySQL. That time I did not understand how to make and maintain beautiful sites, and it was really a pain to do one. Then I realized that there is Symfony framework which makes the development flawless. I have gradually made bookingport.hu , which deals with Hungarian travel and real estate. When I had a lot of pictures and stories collected, I started to create hokyao.com as a travel blog. And my third product became iMulat.

Spring 2014 - Shenzhen, China

I was introduced to a language school in Shenzhen, China by my sister on the spring of 2014. It was basically a private school that had Chinese students of all age, starting from very little 6 year olds to adults. My basic task was to entertain and teach them English in the same time. It has been probably the most challenging task I have ever had in my life, even considering university reports. I was working 7 days a week 8 hours a day, but eventually I was very happy to see my students progressing and gradually becoming able to speak English. The difficulty comes from the fact that Chinese and English does not really have anything in common. When Chinese people form sentences they usually first think of the characters deeply in their mind. English obviously does not have such a characteristic, and it is quite difficult to overcome this problem. Eventually I gained some momentum there to start studying Chinese, so I can say that it was really a significant experience in my life.

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Autumn 2015 - Kobe, Japan

I got to Japan in 2014 as a scholarship student and started to do my Master"s Degree in Computer Science. I have also been involved in Quantum Chemistry research and was responsible for developing at least two Quantum Chemistry packages. Most of the time I am asked by Japanese people to talk them in English, and I also had a chance to give some lectures in a Business English school in Kobe, Sannomiya. Somehow I felt like i could really do more, develop my own teaching method, and help the locals by teaching them the "proper way". I fired up a meetup group by using meetup application and started to organize Business English classes. My model is the following. The first trial class is for free, then the students have to pay a small tuition fee, that was significantly less than an average school"s. I provide teaching materials and drinks during the class, the flow and the topics are also quite liberate. As such there is not really pressure on the students, however I tend to do test and home works sometimes. I would say that the crucial part of every class is review. That makes the method fairly efficient.

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