Who wants to learn some drinks in Chinese?

In the following vlog I will teach you 10 drinks' name in Chinese. Five soft and five alcohol drinks. I personally like apple juice(苹果汁) and beer (啤酒) , so I have included them for you! Don't forget to learn hanzi in the same time!

Here goes the list:

10 drinks in Chinese:

  • water: 水 shuǐ
  • coffee:咖啡 kāfēi
  • coke: 可乐 kělè
  • apple juice: 苹果汁 píngguǒzhī
  • pineappe juice : 菠萝汁 bōluózhī
  • beer:啤酒 píjiǔ
  • wine:葡萄酒 pútaojiǔ
  • vodka:伏特加 fútèjiā
  • whiskey:威士忌 wēishìjì
  • cocktail:调酒 tiáojiǔ

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